We are a Global Crowd Funding Education Research Association for the purpose of extending healthy development of the crowd funding business, the market and industry.
  • 設立趣旨

    CF which raised a small money-giver (stakeholder) through the Internet led in Europe and America and began and enlarged it in an approximately 5,100 million dollars in2013. It begins to spread through Asia including Japan in these several years. And many entrepreneur started new business for the purpose of revival and the area promotion after The Great East Japan Earthquake at a stricken area.
    We recognize CF activity is a part of a social responsibility, and our association will push forward this business. In addition, we will perform advice, a proposal to promote the common understanding of the index, standard for healthy use of the CF business in the IT society.

  • 使命

    1.We will give specialized ability of each person generously for the future of CF as expert of the arts and sciences and industry and to widen the possibility.

    2.We will support it with concrete advice for development and the stability of domestic and foreign CF markets.

    3.We contribute to creation of the high global community of a sustainability by peace by helping the stability of an individual and the industry using CF.

  • 行動方針

    1.We participate in world CF interchange, and we will support in conformity with the common rule positively for CF development, Human resources development of world.

    2.We build all individuals, groups, affiliates and good relations that we participate in the society through CF and are going to contribute to.

    3.We will go ahead through advice and the proposal to promote the common understanding of the standard for transparent management of the CF business under ubiquitous IT society and healthy use.